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First and Only Private Student Complex

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  • Address:Kamacıoğlu Student Komplex, Eastern Mediterranean University, Dormitories Area, Famagusta, North Cyprus, via Mersin 10 Turkey.
  • Phone:+90 (392) 6309000
  • E-Mail:info@kamaciogluyurt.com

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Quality Policy

Kamacıoğlu Student Dormitory Quality Policy

As Kamacioglu Student Dormitory; We are shaping our services in line with the principles and objectives of private dormitory management determined by the Ministry of National Education.

In this direction, our core values are;

  • To provide high quality dormitory services with our expert staff focused on success,
  • To prepare modern environments that are suitable for family temperature and home environment, required by quality standards, and enjoy living,
  • Presenting quality as a way of life, ensuring and improving continuity,
  • To maximize the satisfaction of our students, parents and employees who are our service stakeholders,
  • To ensure the continuity and improvement of the services provided,
  • Empower service offerings in sports, art and social areas,
  • In addition to the reliability and dignity of our dormitories, we ensure that the quality of services provided by our services is high.